Tuesday, September 30, 2008


On September 3rd and 4th we traveled from Florida

to British Columbia. One can go further than that but it was enough for us. Landing at Edmonton, Alberta we hired a car and zipped over the Canadian Rockies through the passes near Jasper, where we stopped at a light and saw a small group of deer at the junction of Rte 16 and 93. Some folk getting out of their cars to meet and greet.

I read that White-tailed deer, Mule deer, Caribou, Elk, and Moose are found in this area. I noticed one who was so stately and erect that he seemed to be what a centaur might look like in deer form... a man in deer skin. The neck didn't have the wooliness of a caribou. Checked out a lot of photos online and this one found on this site comes closest. They seemed used to being around a croud of fans. Wild life rock stars, they were, yes, indeed.

We kept going. and stopped at Valemount BC for much needed rest. Attempted to take pictures of the astounding scenery but the batteries would not cooperate and so no photos of mountain peaks nor that group of deer. In fact no photos until we took a rest at Kamloops Lake.

Well here we are at the lake. Click on the photos to enlarge. You've probably already noticed lots of links in blue.

Now this is high desert with lots of
sagebrush and small white alkali ponds with red plant life in abundance around many of these depressions in the sparse land. We did not stop to entertain our interests as we had places to go and people to meet and little time to waste.

So our next stop was Lillooet along the storied Fraser River.

Which is were we met our guides Terry and Linda who would take us to the back country of the Caribou-Chilcotin Mountains.

The photo above is the main street of Lillooet. It is wide, wide enough so a team of oxen could make a turnaround and go the way they came. Not too many ox teams hereabout these days yet it is a reminder of the way things were. And Lillooet was once called Cayoosh Flat.

We stopped at the Garden Patch for coffee and pastries - delicious.

In the gold rush days of the mid 1800s, Lillooet was a starting point to get supplies before heading out to the gold fields of the Bridge River valley and further.

to be continued


kouji said...

wow. quite expansive scenery. :O

Lucy said...

That lake . . . !

I wish I hadn't looked.

I get itchy feet.

I wish I could travel to places like that.

Lucy Corrander

kouji said...

@lucy: indeed. my feet are all itchy as well. :O

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